"I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere in which I could breathe, reign, and recreate myself when destroyed by living. That, I believe, is the reason for every work of art...." Anais Nin

Kito Mbiango is a Flemish-Congolese painter and mixed media artist who divides his time between Brussels, New York and Miami. His paintings and digital creations blur cultural boundaries, with Mbiango finding inspiration in scientific and esoteric concepts, vintage photographs and cartography. He transforms this material into a new visual language in which colors, textures and geometry are used to reflect the eternal dance between man, woman and nature. The sensitivity of his work stems from Mbiango's African roots -- his father was President of the Supreme Court of Congo while his mother served as a nurse.

Mbiango seeks to create experiences of connection and incite waves of action on the leading evolutionary challenges of our time - climate change and social justice. Integrating his heritages and cultural exposure, he explores themes encompassing memory, history and socio-political realities. The world of available ideas and image sources are at his fingertips, connected in large-scaled “transfer painting” and sensually appropriated, reflect the collage and assemblage techniques and tendencies of Rauschenberg in the Postmodern era and beyond.

His work is both a reflection of history as well as a visceral snapshot into infinity as Mbiango gathers both his art and its viewer into a deeply spiritual achievement. His grandmother who trained as a master in the Japanese art of ikebana, opened Kito’s eyes to the geometry of nature, which is central to his work. Together, they shared a passion for geology and collecting minerals in his early childhood years. This rich cultural exposure has led to a deep veneration for the land, indigenous wisdom and how it should inform our collective future. He pays tribute to timelessness - where imagination and reality intersect.

Mbiango implicitly understands the importance of finding a visual voice or resonance. He does so by a focused meditation on a particular theme. He transfers and blends symbols and images onto fabric, canvas, wood and through a new sublimation process, which infuses inks in different layers of varnish onto lightweight aluminum, creating transcendent and luminescent works of art. Each medium he uses involves meticulous studies of layering and light, evoking ancestral spirits and voyages through time.

Every conceivable culture in which the artist feels he can trace himself will find its way into his musings, keeping his practice in a constant state of growth and experimentation.

Kito began his career as a photographer. Over the past 20 years, he has been evolving towards creating original artwork that naturally combines the illustrative elements of photography and painting that unite his disparate cultural influences.

Mbiango was born in Brussels in 1966. He has mastered his own technique utilizing multiple production methods including image transfer and mixed media assemblage, applied meticulously by hand. He was awarded a fellowship for his Climate Change Collection by The Institute for the Future (Palo Alto, CA) and he has collaborated with both the private and public sectors in their global advocacy work, including BNP Parisbas, The World Bank’s Climate Investment Fund (CIF), The United Nations, The World Economic Forum, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Women Deliver, UNICEF, UN Women and The David Lynch Foundation. His work has been acquired by various corporate institutions, non-profit organizations and can be found in prestigious private collections.